Antibiogo does not detect the antibiotic discs I use

Antibiogo is a semi automatic diagnostic tool. In certain cases, even for a good image, the antibiotic discs may not be detected. Fill the form in the contact page so that we can identify the root cause.

The app keeps crashing

Clear cache. To clear the cache, long press the Antibiogo app and tap the (i). Go to Storage and clear the cache.

I cannot launch the app

Try reinstalling the app again. If you still face issues launching the app, fill the form in the contact page.

I noticed a wrong result from Antibiogo

Please check first if you are using the correct guidelines. If the guidelines are correct, then fill the form in the contact page with the details and the logs of the result.

How do I report a bug or a suggestion?

Fill the form in the contact page.

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