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Antibiogo is the results of 6+ years of research and of a tight collaboration with leading health experts. But mostly, it is a tool created in, by, with and for LMICs. Through the making of Antibiogo, we gathered feedback from users of 60+ nationalities, and enlisted the help of labs directly implemented in those countries.
Learn more about what went into making the first free diagnostics tool with a CE marking on this page!

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A little bit about our common enemy: Antimicrobial resistance.

AMR, or Antimicrobial Resistance, happens when microorganisms like bacteria become resistant to drugs that once effectively treated them. This resistance makes usual treatments useless, raising the chance of epidemics. AMR is a global health issue, fueled by factors like excessive or inappropriate use of antibiotics.

AMR is the main reason behind the MSF Foundation developing Antibiogo. With growing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics, using the most precise medication rather than the strongest one is key. To do so, ensuring everyone everywhere can perform quality antibiotics susceptibility tests is a key step.

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What is antibiotic susceptibility testing?

Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing (AST) is a laboratory test used to determine the effectiveness of antibiotics against specific bacteria or fungi. In a petri dish, a lab technician exposes the bacteria to different antibiotics, and observes how it reacts. The result of ASTs helps guide the selection of the most appropriate antibiotic therapy for infections by identifying which antibiotics the microorganisms are sensitive or resistant to. AST is crucial for managing infections, combating antimicrobial resistance, and ensuring effective patient treatment.

Get to know Antibiogo


Multidisciplinary tool for multidisciplinary approach

Antibiogo can be used by lab technicians to ensure high-quality results, but its user-friendly format also makes results easily understandable by physicians. Moreover, Antibiogo's ability to detect multidrug-resistant bacteria will greatly assist healthcare personnel in infection prevention and control management.


Diagnostic training and surveillance for all

Fighting antimicrobial resistance cannot be done with just one tool. It requires labs and health systems everywhere to adapt the way they tackle care. That is why, for those wanting to go further, we’ve created a  programme surrounding Antibiogo - available even to those who do not wish to use the app. The app itself includes downloadable training videos for healthcare workers, while the Antibiogo teams also remains available to conduct workshops for members of the health chain - from labs to the ministry of health - to brainstorm your current systems and strategies.


A microbiologist that fits in your pocket

Using Antibiogo is simple: take out your phone, snap a photo of your petri dish, interpret it and voilà. It is not here to replace lab techs, but rather provide an added data point to be used in your decision making.


CE approved

Antibiogo is the first free diagnostics test with a CE marking, meaning it conforms with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards.


Data you (and only you) can use

Health data is critical in two ways: privacy and usability. First - Antibiogo ensures the data that is within your health system, stays in your system. We comply with both European (GDPR) and French (HDS) standards. Second - through reliable ASTs, Antibiogo supports the development of accurate local, national and global surveillance. This allows you to make more data-based decisions about which treatment to provide when time is of the essence.


Free & offline

The fight against Antimicrobial Resistance is a global one. We made Antibiogo so everyone, wherever they live and regardless of their means, can contribute. Antibiogo is an app that is fully functional in LMICs settings, and offline.


Made by experts, and by you

Antibiogo is years in the making, and the product of a close collaborations with many Antimicrobial Resistance experts around the world. But to make sure we created a tool useful to any user, including those in LMICs, we also enlisted the help of over 60 laboratory technicians from different countries and levels of training, and of labs in Mali, Yemen and Jordan.


Antibiogo needs you!

We need your feedback to ensure that Antibiogo remains relevant and effective. It is your insights and experiences that will drive the evolution of Antibiogo, allowing it to adapt seamlessly to the ever-changing health systems and needs in LMICs. Please share your thoughts and help us make Antibiogo better for everyone.

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Antibiogo will be released to the public at the end 2024, but we are offering early access to medical institutions.

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