What do I need to use Antibiogo?

What do I need to use Antibiogo?

Can I use a mix between antibiotics recommended by EUCAST and the ones recommended by CLSI?

Antibiogo works either with EUCAST rules or CLSI rules. Ensure that all the antibiotics that you are using are recommended by either EUCAST or CLSI. For instance, if you set Antibiogo to use CLSI and try an antibiotic recommended by EUCAST Antibiogo will provide NA as a result.

What is the photo booth?

The photo booth can be installed with basic materials in order to obtain standardized pictures for correct analysis by Antibiogo. Follow the guide to set up your own photo booth with your own materials.

Do I need an internet connection to use Antibiogo?

Antibiogo does not rely on the internet to provide results. You need access to the internet to share results and to download and update the app.

Is Antibiogo updated automatically every year following EUCAST and CLSI modifications?

The Legal Manufacturer updates the Knowledge Base according to the newly published EUCAST/CLSI guidelines annual releases. However, it is the user’s own responsibility to download the last updated version of Antibiogo. Whereas Antibiogo can be used offline,an internet connection is required to complete the download.

What are the available languages?

As of today, the Antibiogo app and associated documents (user manual, e-learning,...) are available in English and French.

How much does Antibiogo cost?

Antibiogo is free of charge.

Can I use Antibiogo with any phone?

Antibiogo is not available on iPhone. You need a phone running Android OS (version 8.1 or above) and equipped with a 12 megapixels or more camera. Antibiogo was developed and tested with Samsung A10.

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